The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca Fornie (@_bombshellbecky)! She is an Atlanta native and a ‘Jill of All Trades’! Rebecca is a beauty entrepreneur and Corporate Allstar. During this interview, Rebecca imparts some gems for the modern business owner, as she details how she is navigating her lash business (@__bombshelllashes) and having to pivot her event planning company (@_bottlesandbeats).Continue reading “The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Rebecca!”

The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Deja!

Meet Deja Rozier ( @Dejfro )! She is an Atlanta native, that just finished her first year of law school in Durham, North Carolina. Deja speaks candidly about her experience with having to complete the rest of the semester online and her outlook on the future of the legal industry. ____________________________________________ COVID-19 is changing theContinue reading “The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Deja!”

The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Deonte!

Meet Deonte Bridges ( @deonte.bridges )! He works as an eighth-grade educator at a charter school in Atlanta, Georgia. Deonte gives us a detailed account of his adjustment to the sudden change to remote learning and how he’s coping with conquering “a new milestone.” ————————————————————— COVID-19 is changing the way we spend our time andContinue reading “The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Deonte!”

The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Friends (Intro)

Millions of people have been left unemployed, businesses have slowed down, and trusted analysts are forecasting a severe economic catastrophe that will take years to recover from. In this new series, the Junior Economist interviews Millenials from diverse backgrounds and various industries to gain perspective on navigating this time of uncertainty.

Things to Consider: The Corona Virus Edition

The massive spread and media coverage of the coronavirus has caused the stock market to go into a free fall, event cancellations, and panic. But never fear, The Junior Economist is here to give you some implications and questions to consider to make informed decisions.