10 Apps That Will Help You Save Time and Grow Your Business

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy. With so many demands on their time coming from every direction, they’re always looking for ways to make their lives easier and be more productive. The Junior Economist recommends some great productivity apps that will help you manage your time and tasks and be more efficient inContinue reading “10 Apps That Will Help You Save Time and Grow Your Business”

The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Deonte!

Meet Deonte Bridges ( @deonte.bridges )! He works as an eighth-grade educator at a charter school in Atlanta, Georgia. Deonte gives us a detailed account of his adjustment to the sudden change to remote learning and how he’s coping with conquering “a new milestone.” ————————————————————— COVID-19 is changing the way we spend our time andContinue reading “The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Deonte!”