If you’re looking for a podcast that is sort of like a think tank, which provides the depth of a journal, yet the length of an article, The Junior Economist is for you! The Junior Economist gives a millennial perspective on current affairs and pop culture through an economic lens. The show features guests from differing perspectives to unpack the complicated world economics to make it more relatable to those outside of the realm of academia. The podcast aims to inform and entertain people while making them more conscious of their world through solid facts.

Meet Your Host:

Guyesha Blackshear is a budding economist that has experience working in five industries, which includes: technology, legal, academia, retail, and hospitality. Throughout her professional and graduate school career, she has gained skills in a variety of analytical methods, which ranges from economic analysis to human-centered design thinking. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Spelman College (2017) and a Masters of Arts in Economics from Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (2020).  She currently lives in Atlanta Georgia and is always open to opportunities to practice her skills and to grow her portfolio. 

Please feel free to contact her for any inquiries or collaborations at host@thejunioreconomist.com .


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