Weekly Economic Updates | For Week of May 11th

An economic update of the events that occurred beginning May 11 to May 15. The podcast details the contents of the Fed’s Bi-Annual Financial Stability Report, a general overview of markets, and the stock market!

Weekly Economic Updates | For the Week of April 19th

A no-frills 3-minute weekly economic series designed to give you updates that matter about the economy. This episode includes information about Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s new relaxed laws, unemployment numbers, the spending allocations for the fourth coronavirus relief bill, and more!

The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with India!

COVID-19 is changing the way we spend our time and the way we work. I’m compiling stories at the Junior Economist to let you all know how millennials around the world are coping with the pandemic. Meet India Banks ( @missindia_banks )! She works in the construction industry as a Project Engineer. She currently resides in SilverContinue reading “The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with India!”

The Junior Economist Talks: COVID19 with Friends (Intro)

Millions of people have been left unemployed, businesses have slowed down, and trusted analysts are forecasting a severe economic catastrophe that will take years to recover from. In this new series, the Junior Economist interviews Millenials from diverse backgrounds and various industries to gain perspective on navigating this time of uncertainty.