The Economics of Solidarity using R!

Question: Did standing in solidarity with ‘Black Lives Matter’ help or hurt publicly traded companies in the USA? Purpose: George Floyd’s murder prompted an international outcry denouncing police brutality and white supremacy. Unlike previously recorded police murders and violence against black people, this death prompted big corporations to make public statements along with donations toContinue reading “The Economics of Solidarity using R!”

10 Actionable Steps to Economically Empower Black Communities

Did you know…. Black American unemployment has ticked to 16.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s May Unemployment Report. Black Americans earn 20% lower than white workers regardless of education. Black Americans only own one half of a percentage point of wealth in the United States. Single black women with a bachelor’s degree agesContinue reading “10 Actionable Steps to Economically Empower Black Communities”